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Hit-and-run car accident leaves bicycle rider dead

The Baton Rouge Police Department is asking the public for its help in locating a vehicle believed to be responsible for the death of a bicycle rider. The vehicle involved in the car accident was last seen in the 6900 block of Airline Highway. Reports indicate that the car is a green or blue older model Pontiac with large wheels.

Some drivers do not want to take responsibility in car crashes

When Louisiana drivers make mistakes behind the wheel, accidents can happen. In most cases, drivers are willing to take responsibility -- and not break the law -- by remaining at the scene. However, drivers in some car crashes believe that if they drive away, they will not have to face the repercussions. They do not consider the fact that if they are discovered, the consequences could be far more severe.

Car accident involving police officers injures 2 civilians

High-speed police chases can quickly become dangerous for not only the suspect and police involved, but for any Louisiana residents who happen to be on the roadways at the time. It is the responsibility of law enforcement officials to safeguard the public during these pursuits. When they fail to do so, a car accident is often the result.

Car crashes in police chases plague Louisiana Parishes

Louisiana parishes seem to be plagued by lawsuits resulting from police chases. Car crashes are a real possibility during police pursuits, and depending on the circumstances, those accidents can be serious and even deadly. Some people believe that the many pursuits are reckless and unwarranted.

Toxicology results pending in fatal car accident

Losing a loved one in an accident often leaves families with unanswered questions. Many Louisiana families look to the official investigation to understand what caused the wreck. Most likely, two families here in the state are awaiting the final report regarding a recent single-car accident in which the lives of two men, ages 27 and 29,were lost.

Car accident on Louisiana 2 sends one to hospital, kills another

It seems as though many of the crashes that occur in the state are due to one vehicle crossing over the center line and hitting an oncoming vehicle. These collisions often result in the occupants of the vehicles suffering serious or deadly injuries. The authorities say this was the result in one car accident that recently occurred on Louisiana 2.

Motorcycle vs. car accident ends in tragedy

A driver and his passenger were heading east on a portion of Louisiana Highway 182 in the southern part of the state. The passenger called to the driver to make a sudden left turn. The driver's admitted failure to see the two motorcycles coming from the opposite direction led to the resulting car accident.

Alleged drugged driver involved in car accident that killed teen

Alcohol is not the only substance that can impair a driver's abilities behind the wheel. It is also hazardous for a driver to drive while taking prescription drugs or illegal narcotics. The Louisiana State Police believe a 19-year-old man was under the influence of drugs at the time of a recent car accident involving his vehicle and another vehicle occupied by three sisters.

Days after car accident, state Senator's mother dies

Louisiana state Senator Dan Claitor received a phone call that no one ever wants to get. His mother and father were involved in a car accident, and his 80-year-old mother ended up in the hospital with critical injuries. His 88-year-old father was sitting in the front passenger seat and escaped serious injury.

3 car accident in Louisiana kills 5-year-old child

Any death is devastating to a family, but when a child dies, it is truly heartbreaking.  Emergency personnel here in Louisiana have seen their share of this heartbreak.  One thing that might make it even more difficult is when a child dies in a car accident believed to have been caused by the person who was responsible for their care and safety. 

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