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Louisiana road construction site accidents can be deadly

Louisiana men and women who work at road construction sites assume risks that other construction workers do not have to think about. Vehicles are always speeding by these individuals, and many of them are especially vulnerable if they are not afforded the protection of being inside a vehicle. Road construction site accidents occur far too often on America's roadways, and far too many are deadly.

Tanker driver's fiery death may lead to wrongful death claim

Louisiana residents may be used to seeing reports of accidents involving large trucks and cars. It is not uncommon for the occupants of passenger vehicles to suffer severe injuries and even death, while the occupants of the trucks suffer little or no injuries. However, in an accident that recently occurred in New Orleans, the situation was quite the opposite and may lead to a wrongful death claim.

Louisiana boy killed by neighbor in car accident

One of the first lessons that inexperienced drivers learn is to always keep their eyes on the road. That may sound like a Louisiana high school coach reminding a player to keep his eye on the ball, but the sentiment is still the same. A motorist who is distracted can be significantly increasing his or her odds of being in a serious car accident. Driving a vehicle is a great responsibility that individuals should never take lightly.

Drunk driver intentionally hits South Baton Rouge home

When thinking about a car accident scenario, most people think about two vehicles colliding. While there are certainly variations of this -- several cars colliding or a single vehicle veering off the road -- there is definitely a common car accident scenario. Recently in South Baton Rouge, however, one man broke the mold in a strange crash that may have authorities scratching their heads.

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