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Louisiana truck accidents: Good Samaritan killed on I-10

A Louisiana man was killed on the morning of Nov. 22 while trying to help a woman whose U-Haul had become detached from her vehicle. An oncoming tractor-trailer struck the U-Haul and the woman's car, then hit the woman and the man who stopped to lend her assistance. As is all too frequently the case in truck accidents, the resulting damages were significant and led to severe injury and loss of life.

Trucker negligence blamed for fatal wreck that killed 1

A young man in Louisiana recently lost his life in an accident with a dump truck. Trucker negligence is believed to have caused the multi-vehicle crash that occurred in Zachary on Oct. 21. Criminal charges are expected to be filed in this case.

Damages may be sought following truck accidents

Over the years, residents of Louisiana have, unfortunately, seen their fair share of trucking accidents. Sadly, those affected by such incidents are often left psychologically traumatized, physically challenged and financially burdened. Those who have suffered injuries or losses because of truck accidents may be entitled to seek compensation for any damages sustained.

3 suffer injuries and 1 dies in two serious accidents on I-10

Many Louisiana residents would debate whether having to urinate would be considered an emergency worth pulling over on one of the many bridges along Interstate 10. However, that is just what one driver did recently. This decision led to two serious accidents in which one person died and three people were injured.

How trucking companies contribute to 18-wheeler accidents

It might not seem that driving a tractor trailer would be a stressful and exhausting occupation, but anyone who has ever taken a cross-country trip knows otherwise. Drivers need to take frequent breaks and make sure they get adequate sleep in order to maintain their concentration and keep their reflexes sharp as they maneuver their large and heavy vehicles through traffic on the highways and streets of Louisiana and elsewhere. However, trucking companies are in the business of making money, and their actions can contribute to 18-wheeler accidents.

Not all truck accidents result in criminal charges

On Nov. 7, 2015, an 18-wheeler hauling sugar cane sideswiped another semi-truck and then slammed head-on into a car. Since that time, authorities have been investigating the crash and provided all of the evidence gathered to Louisiana prosecutors. As is the case in some truck accidents, it was determined that the truck driver in this crash committed no felonies despite the fact that a woman died. Instead, the driver was cited for driving left of center.

Was trucker negligence the cause of 7-car pileup?

Most drivers expect congestion on Louisiana highways. They remain vigilant in order to adjust to the traffic patterns ahead of them. Unfortunately, not everyone pays close enough attention to the road to slow or stop when required. That kind of negligence can lead to disastrous results. In fact, trucker negligence is believed to have caused a recent pileup on Louisiana Highway 3132.

Victims of truck accidents can have lengthy recoveries

Many people in Louisiana are fortunate enough to walk away from an accident involving a tractor trailer. More often, however, victims of truck accidents endure lengthy recoveries because, even though they survive, their injuries can be severe and life threatening. This was the fate of a pickup truck driver recently injured in a crash with an 18-wheeler.

Federal regulations are in place to combat truck driver fatigue

Any Louisiana driver who is fatigued poses a threat to others on the road. When the driver is behind the wheel of a tractor trailer, that threat only increases due to the mass and size of the vehicle. Federal regulations are in place to combat truck driver fatigue. If those rules are not followed, the results can be disastrous.

Following too closely can cause 18-wheeler accidents

It can be difficult enough for passenger vehicles to come to a sudden stop at highway speeds when the traffic ahead has significantly slowed or come to a stop. Tractor-trailers require even larger distances to come to a stop than passenger vehicles, and many Louisiana drivers would say that there is no such thing as a sudden stop for one of these behemoths with which they must share the highways. Truck drivers who follow the traffic in front of them too closely may be unable to stop if needed, which causes numerous 18-wheeler accidents.

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