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Louisiana man seeks unspecified damages after motorcycle accident

A man is seeking unspecified damages in a court case after a collision four years ago resulted in the amputation of a leg. The motorcycle accident occurred on Louisiana Highway 3017 when the plaintiff's motorcycle was struck by the defendant's vehicle on June 23, 2012. The suit has been filed against the driver of the vehicle, several insurance companies and a medical center.

1 dead, 1 injured in motorcycle accident on I-20

The moments following an incident on any roadway are perhaps the most dangerous. Before emergency responders arrive and make other motorists aware of the situation, the potential for serious injuries or fatalities exists. For instance, a minor motorcycle accident on Interstate 20 on a recent Saturday night ended with a Louisiana man dead and a woman critically injured.

Injuries in motorcycle accidents can be debilitating or fatal

The fact is that accidents are unpredictable. As such, there is no way to know what harm will come to any Louisiana residents involved. However, the injuries in car vs. motorcycle accidents tend to be more debilitating or fatal for the motorcycle rider than for those in passenger vehicles.

Serious burns and other motorcycle injuries can be life-altering

Not all motorcycle accidents are fatal, but riders often suffer a variety of injuries that can be life-altering even if they survive. Head injuries, burns and other motorcycle injuries can alter the way you live for the rest of your life. If it is believed that another party or parties were at fault for the crash in which you suffered serious injuries, a personal injury claim filed in a Louisiana civil court might be appropriate.

Motorcyclist suffers fatal wounds on Louisiana Highway 33

When an accident occurs, there is often no way to gauge where the vehicles involved will come to rest. Depending on the traffic pattern in the area, other vehicles could become embroiled in the aftermath of the initial impact. By the time all of the vehicles stop moving, the occupants could suffer serious or even fatal wounds.

Recovering from motorcycle injuries can be financially difficult

Because of their vulnerability, Louisiana motorcycle riders who are involved in an accident often suffer injuries far worse than people riding in passenger cars or other vehicles with an enclosed cabin. Recovering from motorcycle injuries can involve a significant amount of time. During that time, medical bills, lost income and other financial damages add up quickly.

Man and woman in critical condition after motorcycle accident

Every decision a Louisiana driver makes can have serious consequences. For instance, the decision to get behind the wheel of a vehicle after drinking can put the lives of everyone on the road in danger and cause a horrific automobile or motorcycle accident. Unsuspecting motorists and their passengers could suffer life-altering injuries, or even death, at the hands of someone who should not even be driving.

Motorcyclists face broken limbs, road rash and fatal wounds

The injuries suffered by motorcycle riders in Louisiana are normally more serious than those suffered by individuals riding in vehicles. The unique vulnerability experienced by bikers leaves them open to debilitating injuries that often have permanent repercussions from broken limbs, road rash and other injuries. In many cases, fatal wounds are the tragic result.

Motorcycle rider suffers fatal wounds in I-10 crash

One of the most dangerous times for any Louisiana driver involves merging onto a highway. The merging vehicle needs to increase speed to match the traffic already on the highway and watch for obstacles and a space to enter at the same time. All of that occurs in a matter of seconds, and any mistake could lead to a crash involving serious or fatal wounds.

Motorcycle injuries can be debilitating and permanent

Wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle is advisable, but it may also provide a false sense of security to the rider. Even when wearing a helmet, motorcycle injuries can be debilitating and permanent if an accident occurs. Frankly, a helmet and leathers are no match for the metal, heavy-duty plastic and other materials that make up the size and weight of larger vehicles on Louisiana's roads.

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