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Electronic health records are causing chaos, danger to patients

If you're 40 or older, you probably remember a time when every doctor's office had shelves of paper files that contained the important medical records of each patient who passed through the doors. Somewhere along the line, that changed. It gradually became the norm to keep patient records on computerized files.

Does your medical care reflect your insurance (or lack thereof)?

If you don't have medical insurance at all -- or, perhaps, have medical insurance that's provided through a government assistance program like Medicaid -- do you get subpar treatment when you see a doctor or end up in the emergency room of the local hospital?

Did your doctor fail to diagnose your preeclampsia?

Pregnancy is a wonderful time for expectant mothers but it can often come with health challenges. Your body is changing in ways that are foreign to you and it's difficult to know what is or isn't normal. That's why pregnant women trust their doctors to notice what symptoms are typical and which ones are concerning.

Suing your doctor for a missed or mistaken diagnosis

It's frustrating -- even infuriating -- to find out that your doctor botched a diagnosis. Maybe you came in complaining of pain, and your doctor (wrongly) assured you it was nothing to be concerned about. Maybe your doctor gave you a diagnosis that just turned out to be way off the mark. Either way, you've certainly got a good reason to be upset.

Could your doctor have a troubled past?

Doctors who have committed serious medical mistakes have discovered a way to skirt around the controls that state medical boards try to exert over them. Instead of letting a state medical board take their license to practice, they surrender it instead -- and then go to another state to practice, their troubled histories hidden from their patients.

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