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Young boating accident victim dies, charges not yet filed

As summer winds down, many people are getting out to enjoy Louisiana's waterways. Some people forget that driving a boat requires the same attention and diligence as driving a car, which can lead to a serious collision. An accident victim can be left with debilitating injuries or even die when the operator of a boat makes a mistake.

Reports say accident victim died in boat driver's arms

The number of boating accidents often rises during the summer months when more people are on Louisiana's waterways. An accident victim can suffer injuries that range from minor to fatal depending on the circumstances. Just as is the case in car crashes, there is no way to predict what will happen when two boats collide.

Serious injury can occur in a boat as easily as in a car

The busy season has begun for the Louisiana Division of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) as traffic on the state's waterways increases. It can be easy to forget that driving a boat requires the same focus and attention that is required when driving a car. Every year, boating accidents occur, and some of them result in serious injury or death.

Louisiana boating season claims another accident victim

During the warmer months here in Louisiana, many people enjoy taking their boats out on the state's waterways. Many boaters fail to remember that the same distractions that lead to accidents on the roadways can cause an accident on the water. As if to illustrate this fact, officials report that boating season recently claimed another accident victim.

Can the negligence of government agencies lead to deaths?

State, county and city government agencies are all responsible for maintaining public roadways and waterways of Louisiana. If hazards are not adequately addressed when those agencies should have known or should have been on the lookout for them, the lives of the state's residents and visitors could be in danger. A woman claims that the negligence of four government agencies led to the death of her father and stepmother.

Boating accident: Passenger suffers serious injury, driver dies

It might only be the beginning of March, but that does not mean that Louisiana residents are not enjoying getting in their boats and out on the water. Like any other vehicle, however, it is important for a boat's driver to pay attention and watch for obstacles. Otherwise, an accident can lead to serious injury for those involved.

If someone caused you serious injury, you have rights

When most Louisiana residents begin their days, they do not anticipate being involved in an accident. However, considering all of the people that we come into contact with each day, the potential for being the victim of an accident is always there. Many people become unwitting victims when another person makes a mistake. If someone caused you serious injury, you have rights.

Police say DUI caused boat vs. jet ski crash on Ouachita River

Just like drivers in Louisiana must adhere to traffic laws, those who use our waterways are also required to follow certain rules. One of those rules is that the operator of a boat or other type of watercraft must be sober. Drunk boating is illegal and can be very dangerous for the intoxicated boater, his or her passengers, and others on the water. A recent accident on the Ouachita River shows just how dangerous drunk boating can be.

Safety tips for Louisiana boaters

During the hot and steamy Louisiana summers, many people like to get out on the water to cool down. Boating is a favorite pastime in our neck of the woods, but there have been several boating accidents so far this year. Just last week, a boat carrying two shrimpers capsized near Terrebonne. Fortunately, they were rescued, and their accident provides a good opportunity to offer some tips about staying safe on your boat.

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