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Why do semi-automatic cars cause accidents? 

One of the biggest trends right now is self-driving cars. Many manufacturers advertise their self-driving cars as ways to reduce the work of drivers and decrease user errors. Furthermore, fully electric, self-driving cars are meant to be better for the environment than gas-guzzlers. 

Self-driving cars use algorithms to increase road safety. These algorithms are trained to predict the location and speed of other vehicles. Self-driving cars may also stay in the correct lanes, spot red lights and stop signs and brake before an impending collision.

Despite these promises, many people suffer from auto accidents caused by self-driving cars. Why would self-driving cars cause injuries and losses? Here’s what you should know:

Overreliance of technology

The idea that self-driving cars are entirely self-driving is mostly a myth. Most self-driving cars still require user operation. However, this belief still causes people to rely on their cars’ self-driving features. 

How do self-driving cars actually work? Self-driving cars are semi-automatic. They sport accessories that lessen user operation. Many of these cars have lane-centering and adaptive cruise control. Lane-centering is meant to ensure that a car stays within its lane. Adaptive cruise control allows a car to automatically correct the distance between the car ahead. 

These features don’t necessarily mean the car can drive on its own, but many drivers don’t understand the difference. Some drivers may look away from the road as their car drives by itself. But, this can increase the danger of accidents. 

However, new models of self-driving cars with better programming and advanced algorithms can’t guarantee increased safety. There are many unexpected dangers on the road and a self-driving car may make mistakes, such as running a red light

People who over-rely on their self-driving cars may put their and others’ lives in danger. Victims of auto accidents may need to seek legal help and learn how they can be compensated for their injuries and losses.