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Some drug overdose errors can threaten the lives of patients

Did you know careless drug errors made by doctors, pharmacists or other healthcare professionals can be medical malpractice? That means you may be eligible to file a claim if a medication mistake harmed you or a loved one.

Receiving too much of any drug can threaten your health, but some medicines are more dangerous than others, posing the risk of death in an overdose. If you are entering long-term medical treatment or about to undergo a surgical procedure, make sure you understand the overdose risks you may face.

Blood thinners

Anticoagulants, or blood thinners, can save lives by preventing blood clots from forming in conditions such as heart disease or deep vein thrombosis. Unfortunately, receiving too much of these drugs can cause severe bleeding, which could lead to death without speedy intervention.

Anesthesia medications

Anesthetics are used to put people to sleep during surgery. They are critical to ensure patients remain unconscious during invasive medical procedures. However, carelessly administering the wrong dose could substantially increase the risk of patient death.

Chemotherapy drugs

Chemotherapy drugs allow physicians to treat cancer patients by targeting and destroying cancerous cells. The bad news is these compounds can also damage healthy cells, especially when dosages are too high for the patient’s condition. Organ damage and death are two possible consequences.

Medical professionals undergo rigorous education and training before they are allowed to treat people. That means they should be keenly aware of their duty to help patients and protect them from preventable harm.

Sometimes, healthcare providers fail in their duty, and innocent people suffer injuries or lose a loved one. A medical malpractice claim under Louisiana law can ensure those who harmed you face justice for their negligence.