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4 damages you can seek in a birth injury claim

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2023 | Birth Injuries

The safe delivery of a child is the goal of expectant parents. However, despite doing your best to attain this goal, the negligence of a doctor, nurse or hospital may make it unattainable. It can be painful when your child suffers a birth injury. If this happens, you may be eligible to file a claim to protect their rights.

Here are four damages you can seek in the claim:

1. Medical bills

The medical bills you incur treating your child (immediate expenses and those you expect in the future) can be covered by the liable party. This includes treatment, medications, therapy, in-home care, assistive devices and travel costs to medical appointments.

2. Lost income

It may be impossible to return to work after your leave ends. You may need to take your child to appointments and observe them closely. Thus, you may have to miss work.

You can seek lost income in your birth injury claim since you wouldn’t have lost your wages if the liable party had offered you and your child the appropriate standard care.

3. Special educational costs

A birth injury, such as cerebral palsy, can affect your child’s ability to learn. They may need special education needs in a supportive environment. It’s crucial to consider this aspect when filing the claim.

4. Pain and suffering

Birth injuries can lead to long-lasting effects. Your child may experience pain and suffering from the injury and possibly lose their independence. Further, you may suffer emotional distress from seeing your child suffer.

You might not be able to undo the effects of a birth injury, especially if the damage is severe, but you can protect your child’s rights. It may be best to obtain more information about your case to receive just compensation.