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3 errors that could harm your car crash claim

On Behalf of | Jun 19, 2023 | Car Accidents

However obvious it is to you that the other party caused a car crash, you cannot take getting adequate compensation for granted. Each year, many people who deserve compensation fail to get it or fail to get the amount they should due to mistakes they make once the crash has happened

Understanding some of the common errors can help you avoid them:

Falling to stop

If you note contact between you and another vehicle, you should stop. If you don’t you could face charges for failing to stop. If someone is injured or property damage is above a certain amount you also need to inform the police. In addition, you can’t claim for a crash that you have not admitted happened.

Admitting fault

You will likely be in shock when a crash happens. You may also be upset, especially if you see the other party is injured. Even if you think the collision was your fault, never say so, and never apologize, as that, too, could be taken as an admission of guilt. It’s up to the investigators to work out exactly what happened. The other party’s insurer will be looking for opportunities to pin the blame on you, even if they know full well their customer caused the crash.

Not seeing a doctor straight away

To claim for injuries, you need a doctor’s report linking the injuries to the crash. If you don’t see a doctor, you won’t get that, and if you don’t go straight away, it will be harder for them to pinpoint when the injuries occurred. Remember that some injuries may not be obvious to you, at least not for some time.

Getting legal guidance can help you avoid other pitfalls and get the compensation you deserve if someone injures you in a crash.