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Why have there been more fatal accidents in recent years?

One of the interesting trends from the last few years is that fatal accident totals have gone up. Many people predicted that fatalities would actually decline, especially when there simply weren’t as many drivers on the road in 2020 and 2021. However, the opposite has happened.

Why has this happened? There are three different reasons that researchers have suggested.

Higher speeds

First of all, when you reduce traffic levels, it allows people to drive faster. Accidents at higher speeds are more likely to be deadly. Even if the greater speeds didn’t cause more accidents, the ones that took place were more severe than they would have been if excessive speeding hadn’t been involved.

Driver impairment

Many drivers in these crashes were impaired, especially by alcohol. Impairment can also come from illegal drugs or even prescription medications. Drivers have acted more recklessly in recent years, and this change includes an increase in impairment.

Distracted driving

Additionally, distracted driving continues to be a major problem in the United States. Drivers are distracted by their smartphones, often using them to stream music stations, set a GPS destination, use social media or text and drive. But it’s not just phones. Distraction can also come from listening to the car’s entertainment system, eating and drinking, talking to passengers and much more.

What options do you have?

Have you been injured by a driver who made a mistake for one of these reasons, or have you lost a loved one in a fatal accident? If so, be sure you know exactly what legal options you have to seek compensation.