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1 risk factor plays a role in nearly half of all pedestrian crashes

Some people in Louisiana walk because it is good for their health. Others would prefer to save money with gas prices and vehicle costs on the rise. Despite the potential health benefits of frequent walking, there are also risks involved. 

Pedestrians can suffer serious injuries in an incident involving a motor vehicle. Such collisions can occur anywhere and for all kinds of reasons —  like a distracted driver in a parking lot not noticing someone right behind their car. However, there is one risk factor that is present in almost half of all pedestrian fatalities that occur according to federal research. 

Alcohol plays a role in many pedestrian collisions

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) tracks statistics on fatalities across the country. At least in 2019, the CDC found that approximately 46% of the deaths that resulted from pedestrian collisions involved someone over the legal limit for alcohol. 

In about 13% of those collisions, the driver was at or over the legal limit for their blood alcohol concentration (BAC). In 32% of the crashes, the pedestrian had enough alcohol in their bloodstream to be legally drunk. There was some overlap as well, with some cases involving both a pedestrian and a driver impaired by alcohol. 

Those who understand what puts them at more risk on the road can make better choices for their own physical safety. They can make choices that reduce their risk, which will make them more confident about taking action when another party causes them injury. Knowing what causes pedestrian collisions can help those who walk regularly better protect themselves.