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How does Louisiana rank in the U.S. for having the worst roads?

Louisiana often appears in online lists discussing the most hazardous roads and drivers in the U.S. Our state was ranked seventh among the states with the worst roads in a 2022 report.

You cannot always avoid motor vehicle accidents even if you drive safely and abide by the law. Still, if you know what hazards to watch out for, it might reduce your accident risk.

Poor roadway quality

A top contributor to the high volume of motor vehicle accidents occurring in the state is the sad condition of its roadways. According to recent data, Louisiana ranked second worst in states with poor—even dangerous—road quality.

Those injured in a crash caused by poor road conditions might succeed in getting compensation by filing a claim against the city or state.

Terrible driver behaviors

Another reason for the horrible ranking is the reckless way some state residents drive. Here are a few disturbing statistics to consider.

  • Rated first for driver failure to obey
  • Rated first for having the worst drivers
  • Rated fifth for careless driving
  • Rated sixth for drunk driving

Other unlawful and dangerous driving behaviors reported in Louisiana include:

  • Speeding
  • Road rage
  • Distracted driving

Until the roads are better and motorists are more safety-minded, be cautious when driving in the state. Learn more about Louisiana’s vehicle accident and injury compensation laws if you or a loved one has already suffered harm in a crash.

Regardless of who is ultimately responsible for your injuries (a driver, a city, a trucking company, etc.), the law recognizes that you deserve restitution. An experienced professional can provide legal guidance and support throughout your journey toward a fair settlement.