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Did you suffer a concussion in your car wreck?

A road traffic accident can result in numerous injuries for those involved. These can range from minor to serious, with head injuries being among the most severe. 

One condition that you may suffer from after a crash is a concussion. This is often passed off as a minor injury but this is far from the case. A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury (TBI) and when left untreated it can cause serious complications. Outlined below are a few signs that you may have been concussed after your accident. 

Problems with your memory 

If you’ve been involved in a crash then there’s likely to be lots of people asking you questions. Your family may wonder what happened and if you are ok. Law enforcement might ask you to try and recall details of the accident. 

If you simply can’t remember what happened before or immediately after the crash, this could be a sign that you were concussed. Another common sign is not being able to process your thoughts and share them accurately with others. 

Physical problems 

A concussion can also manifest itself in physical ways. You may have a headache that just won’t shift or blurred vision. You may also have feelings of nausea as well as an inability to move as quickly as normal. 

Behavioral changes

A concussion can also impact the way that you behave. You might be feeling more irritable than usual which leads to uncharacteristic shortness with your family members. Even the most basic of tasks may now require all of your concentration and mental effort. 

It’s important to shift the misconception that a concussion is a minor injury. All head injuries are serious and require immediate medical care. If you have been injured in a crash that was the result of negligence, be sure to look into your legal options