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3 mistakes that cause birth injuries in the labor room

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2022 | Birth Injuries

Expectant mothers attend checkups and follow their doctor’s instructions, all so they can hold a healthy baby. Thus, it can be disappointing to be denied this by professionals who were supposed to protect you and your child.  

Most doctors and nurses observe strict guidelines in the labor room. But some may make a mistake that can hurt the baby for life. Here are three mistakes that cause birth injuries:

1. Not performing a needed C-section

In certain situations, C-section is necessary. Examples are when there’s prolonged labor, fetal distress, abnormal positioning, and placenta and umbilical cord issues. Mothers with chronic health conditions should also undergo a C-section. If these risk factors are at play, but a doctor fails to perform a C-section or at least sooner, the baby may suffer injuries. 

2. Incorrect use of forceps

Forceps help mothers deliver as they can grasp the baby from the head to pull them out. Physicians are trained to do this for years to avoid mistakes. Nonetheless, one may use this tool inappropriately, seriously injuring the newborn. This mistake can lead to facial nerve palsy and brain damage.  

3. Using excessive force

If a doctor uses excessive force to pull a baby out, they may injure them. For instance, the use of a suction tool can cause one or both of the baby’s shoulders to be stuck in the birth canal, a condition called shoulder dystocia. This is a medical emergency as the baby can’t breathe and it compresses the umbilical cord. Other possible impacts of this mistake are cerebral palsy, arm injuries and intellectual disabilities. Additionally, using force can cause trauma to both the mother and the child. 

Birth injuries due to a physician’s or a hospital’s mistakes are painful and break the trust of many mothers. If this happened to you, consider your options to fight for your child.