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The most dangerous 27 seconds when you’re driving

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2022 | Car Accidents

Driving is always inherently risky. There’s a certain level of danger that every driver faces. This is because most of your safety is completely out of your hands. You could be injured when another driver makes a mistake or when there is a mechanical issue with your vehicle, for instance.

But there are times when this danger is exceptionally high. one potential time is after a traffic light turns from red to green.

Why is this a dangerous situation?

The changing of light can be dangerous because there are likely drivers waiting at the light who are looking at their phones. They are texting, they are reading social media messages and checking their emails. This is especially true during your morning commute when people are heading into work and may be trying to get a start on the day. But it can happen at any time.

The issue here is that the light will turn green and a lot of those drivers will set their phones down. They think this removes them from the distraction, but it doesn’t. Studies have found that that distraction continues for the next 27 seconds, on average. These drivers may be looking at the road, but they are still cognitively distracted by whatever they were doing on their phones, and they can cause accidents.

What if you’ve been injured by a distracted driver?

Getting involved in an accident at an intersection can lead to catastrophic injuries that change the course of your entire life. You must know how to seek financial compensation from the driver who was responsible.