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Speaking with medical providers about the errors that harmed you

Anyone can make an honest mistake, but most of these do not lead to physical harm or death. However, medical malpractice on the part of a healthcare provider can harm you or lead to a loved one’s death.

Medical errors are preventable in nearly all situations, which is why harmed patients have the right to a legal remedy. After all, physicians and technicians undergo training and education to ensure they make no mistakes when treating patients.

Should you speak with providers after a medical mistake?

Talking with healthcare providers about their errors is uncomfortable for all involved. Still, it is wise to do so, especially when considering a medical malpractice claim. To build a strong foundation for your claim, you need to understand what went wrong. Often, the only way to determine this is by questioning the person or hospital that caused your injury.

Four questions to ask the doctor that harmed you:

  1. How did this error happen? When you know how it happened, it strengthens your claim.
  2. Have you ever made this mistake before? If the error occurs often, you and your advocate need to know.
  3. What are you doing to ensure it never happens again? Doctors and hospitals should always take a proactive approach to ensure such errors do not reoccur.
  4. Can I (or my representative) participate in the investigation of this incident? If you can get information about how the investigation proceeds, it can add weight to your claim.

Be sure to take all the details you gather about the incident to a legal advocate if you intend to pursue a medical malpractice claim. It can also help to learn more about the malpractice laws in Louisiana.