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TBI can be inconspicuous but life-altering in many ways

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2021 | Car Accidents

Victims of TBI caused by car accidents in Baton Rouge and elsewhere in Louisiana often face significant changes to how they lived their lives before. Living with the consequences of traumatic brain injuries is made even more difficult because these injuries are typically not apparent to others and afford them no empathy. Work, home and social lives are affected by the cognitive consequences of brain trauma.

Brain injuries are unique for each victim because the cognitive damage depends on the location and severity of the damage to the brain cells. The following difficulties could affect victims in various aspects of their lives.

Concentration, paying attention and remembering words

Brain injuries could impair a person’s ability to attend to two or more things at a time. The inability to focus and concentrate causes restlessness and distractions that could compromise the ability to finish projects or participate in long conversations. Additional challenges could involve problems with understanding and remembering the proper use of words to express opinions or feelings.

Fogginess and confusion

Brain injuries could slow the person’s thinking speed and leave them confused as if there is a mental fogginess. It takes longer to grasp what others say, and processing that information slows down significantly. Following directions and watching movies and television shows become too challenging for many to bother, and the difficulty of reading and writing might exacerbate the frustration they feel.

Memory, learning and dealing with complex tasks

The memory could be affected in different ways for different people. Some might have problems remembering new events or information, while others cannot remember things from before the incident that caused the brain trauma. For some, tasks like scheduling and making appointments are too complex to handle. It could include tasks like cooking, laundry, driving and managing a checkbook.

It is unthinkable that someone else’s negligence could cause injuries with such far-reaching consequences. If the TBI victim is the primary income-earning family member, it will affect the entire household. Fortunately, financial relief might be obtainable if there is proof that another party’s negligence caused the brain injuries. A successful personal injury lawsuit could lead to a monetary judgment to cover documented current and future financial and emotional damages.