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The safest drivers can become victims of motor vehicle accidents

Even with all the safety features added to each new vehicle model, motorists in Baton Rouge and across Louisiana continue to suffer severe injuries or lose their lives on the state’s roadways. It is difficult to accept that the safest drivers could become victims of motor vehicle accidents caused by the negligent driving of others. It is always a good idea for drivers to look out for any telltale signs of negligence by the drivers of vehicles with whom they share the roads.


Many drivers disregard two things. The first is that speed limits are posted with reasons, often because of frequent crashes on specific routes, or in residential or other built-up areas. The second fact is that speed limits are for perfect conditions. Drivers must adjust their speed in adverse weather or road conditions. The higher the speed upon impact in a crash, the more severe the injuries that result.

Impaired driving

Everybody knows the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants, and yet, DUI-related accidents continue to claim lives. Reportedly, impairment was linked to more than 10,000 fatalities in motor vehicle accidents nationwide in 2019. Being observant is crucial because drunk drivers are seldom able to hide their conditions to other road users.

Vehicle maintenance

It is not easy for drivers to spot negligent maintenance of other vehicles on the road. Many vehicles on Louisiana roads have tires with low tread levels, making it difficult for drivers to maintain control when they have to slow down or stop suddenly. Proper maintenance includes regular checks on brakes, oil levels, wipers and the level of wiper fluid.

Along with these signs of negligent diving, distractions are also frequent causes of motor vehicle accidents. Injured victims or the family members of those who succumbed to crash-related injuries in Baton Rouge could pursue financial relief. If another driver’s negligence can be established, a successfully navigated personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit might lead to a monetary judgment.