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Negligence, errors and reckless actions lead to birth injuries

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2021 | Birth Injuries

Expectant mothers and their families may be concerned about medical injuries during the birth, and there are several good reasons that they should be. Medical mistakes, such as a provider not monitoring the child’s heart rate or failing to notice a mother’s high blood pressure, could end up being life-threatening or fatal. Not providing the right medications or ordering medications that aren’t safe for pregnant women could also lead to serious consequences.

Birth injuries don’t have to take place, but they do as a result of negligence, poor education and errors.

What are the most common causes of birth injuries?

There are several common causes of birth injuries. Some include that the:

  • Baby was too big for a vaginal delivery
  • Baby was not head-down in the birth canal
  • Labor went on for too long
  • Mother or infant did not get enough oxygen at any time before, during or following the birth
  • Forceps were used incorrectly

It’s important that your medical provider pays close attention when it’s time for your child’s birth. They need to be sure that the child is positioned correctly for a vaginal birth. Sometimes, manually turning the child is a necessity. Other times, a cesarean section may be needed to reduce the risks to the mother and child.

Babies should be monitored for bleeds

During and after birth, there are some risks of bleeding that have to be considered as well. For example, a subgaleal hemorrhage can lead to bleeding under the scalp that potentially requires a blood transfusion. This is most common when forceps or vacuum extractors are used.

Bleeding in or around the brain can also occur. It’s more common among premature infants, but any newborn could have a hemorrhage and should be monitored closely. Symptoms like seizures, poor feeding and lethargy are signs that an infant needs medical attention.

Whether a mother or infant suffers an injury before, during or following birth, it is important to make sure they receive medical attention. If the injury was a result of negligence, then the medical provider may be held responsible for their actions in some cases.