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Toddler suffers fatal injuries in Baton Rouge car accident

On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2021 | Car Accidents

Losing a loved one is devastating. But losing a child in a preventable accident and who is only 4 years old is unimaginable. No amount of money can make up for such a tragic loss, although recovering monetary damages could help ease any resulting financial burden. In the early hours of a recent Wednesday, a fatal car accident occurred in Baton Rouge.

The accident report

The investigation into the accident is ongoing. A preliminary police report indicates that a 24-year-old driver was heading east on LA 429 with three passengers in the car. The driver lost control of the vehicle and landed in the canal adjacent to the roadway, becoming submerged in the water.

The driver and a toddler in the back seat suffered serious injuries, while the injuries suffered by the two other passengers were moderate. All four occupants of the car were rushed to a hospital. Police were unable to tell whether the vehicle occupants wore seat belts. Toxicology reports are still pending.

Toddler dies, others injured

Sadly, the 4-year-old child succumbed to the injuries and died the following day. The relationship between the child and the driver was not reported. However, a driver who was deemed negligent might be sued by any injured passengers or loved ones of a deceased passenger.

If a plaintiff can establish that negligence on the driver’s part caused the car accident, a successfully presented civil claim might result in a monetary judgment. Documented claims for damages can include medical expenses, lost wages if applicable, and even future lost income. Furthermore, emotional damages like pain and suffering could also form a part of the relief requested.