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Initial evaluations are critical in labor and delivery

When a woman goes to the hospital or a birthing center because she’s in labor, the medical professionals who are caring for her must do an initial evaluation to determine what type of monitoring she will need throughout the labor and delivery process.

There are some cases in which it’s possible to delay this evaluation, but it shouldn’t ever be pushed off if any of these factors are present:

  • The woman is in active labor
  • Evidence of meconium is noticed
  • She in preterm labor
  • She’s in or beyond the 42nd week of labor
  • The baby isn’t in a vertex presentation
  • There were any obstetrical or medical complications
  • She asks for something for pain
  • She has any risk factors for a problematic labor or birth

Typically, the monitoring during the labor process is handled via a monitor that’s either placed on the woman’s abdomen or inserted through the birth canal. One of the most important pieces of information that the nurses, doctors and midwives look at is how the baby responds to contractions. This is done by checking the heart rate.

When there are any issues noted during labor or delivery, they must be addressed quickly. In some cases, such as when the baby’s heart rate dips and doesn’t recover appropriately, an urgent delivery might be in order. This may require a surgical delivery.

Failing to act in an appropriate manner could cause harm to the woman and/or baby. If there is an injury caused by the negligence of a medical staff member, you might opt to pursue a claim for compensation for the damages you’re dealing with.