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Why you shouldn’t eat or groom yourself at the wheel

The longer your commute to work is, the more it may feel like your job infringes on your daily life. If you’re spending half an hour or more behind the wheel on your way to and from work each day, it is perfectly normal to want to try to reclaim some of that time, so you don’t feel like you’re losing hours of your life every week.

Some people attempt to push back on that feeling of frustration by multitasking during their commute, especially in the morning on the way to work. Unfortunately, the human brain isn’t as good at doing two things at once as people want to think it is, which means that multitasking at the wheel could put you and others at risk for a major motor vehicle collision.

Eating or focusing on yourself is a distraction, just like using a phone

Some people mistakenly think that the only dangerous forms of distraction at the wheel involve mobile technology, like phones. While it is true that screens drastically contribute to people’s penchant for distraction, screens are not the only thing that distracts drivers.

When you change your shirt, brush your hair, shave or put on makeup, you take your hands off the wheel and your eyes off the road. You will also focus your mental energy on your appearance, rather than your environment. Eating also requires that you take your hands off the wheel, even if you do keep looking forward while doing so.

Avoiding distractions at the wheel can help you stay safe. Give a wide berth to others that you notice doing things like putting their hair in a ponytail or tying their tie while also driving.