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These defensive driving tips can keep you safe

On Behalf of | May 19, 2020 | Car Accidents

While there is no way to guarantee your safety when driving an automobile, there are steps you can take to reduce the possibility of a crash and give yourself peace of mind.

Defensive driving is the opposite of aggressive driving. With this approach, you’re always taking steps to minimize the risk of an accident.

Here are five defensive driving tips that can help you:

  • Put your safety above all else: For example, even if you’re in a hurry to reach your destination, don’t let that speed you up. Your safety is and should be top priority at all times.
  • Keep an eye on your surroundings: You should always know what’s happening around you. Maybe there’s someone in front of you who is swerving all over the road. Or maybe the person behind you is riding your bumper. Knowing what’s happening around you allows you to think one step ahead.
  • Leave more space: As a general rule of thumb, leave three to four seconds of following space between your vehicle and the one in front of you. And in some cases, such as in inclement weather, you can increase this distance.
  • Know and obey the speed limit: One of the most common forms of aggressive driving is speeding. Everyone violates this law at some point, but you should do your best to obey the speed limit at all times.
  • Don’t drive distracted: Along with speeding, this is common among many drivers. As tempting as distractions may be, such as answering a text or conversing with passengers, you must keep your full attention on the road and your surroundings.

When you follow these defensive driving tips, you’ll always feel more confident in the decisions you’re making and your ability to avoid serious trouble on the road.

The only bad part about these tips is that they can’t protect you at all times. For instance, if someone runs a red light, they could strike the side of your vehicle no matter how safely you’re driving.

If a negligent driver causes a crash, call 911, seek out medical treatment, file an insurance claim and take every step possible to protect your legal rights.