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Louisiana: Hundreds of injuries result from crashes annually

You love where you live, but you know that accidents are common throughout the region. Every time you’re heading to work or school, you feel like you see another person involved in a crash. Whether it’s a single-vehicle crash or one that involves many people, you always worry about the people who were involved.

Though it would be preferable never to see someone get hurt in a traffic accident, the reality is that these accidents are common in Louisiana. In fact, there were 120 total injury crashes in East Baton Rouge in 2019. In those collisions, a total of 329 people were injured. Of those individuals, one was a pedestrian, 110 were passengers and 218 were drivers, according to the data reports from Louisiana State University.

The same data showed that West Baton Rouge also saw a significant number of collisions, with 43 taking place resulting in 77 driver injuries, 31 passenger injuries and 108 total injuries.

What can you do to reduce the risk of being involved in a crash?

One thing you can do is to plan your route carefully. Know which areas of the parish are more dangerous than others and try to avoid those spots. Travel when there are fewer vehicles on the roads, like in the mid-afternoon or after rush hour. Taking simple steps like these can significantly reduce the likelihood of a collision. Of course, paying attention and reducing distractions will also help you minimize your risk.

If you are involved in a crash, take the time to get medical care. You can pursue a claim against an at-fault driver so that you can focus on your own recovery instead of the financial implications of the crash.