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Louisiana rated one of the worst states to have a baby

Parenting can be a challenge, no matter where someone lives. However, those who become parents in Louisiana may not be as fortunate. In a recent study from WalletHub, the state was ranked 48th out of 50 states for childcare quality.

The study examined several factors that determined the results. Researchers looked at health care costs and accessibility, baby and family friendliness, and availability of medical professionals.

How Louisiana stacks up

While childcare costs in Louisiana are relatively affordable, the Pelican State ranks low in quality of health care. According to WalletHub’s data, Louisiana has:

  • One of the lowest levels of midwives and OB-GYNs per capita.
  • One of the lowest levels of pediatricians and family doctors per capita.
  • One of the highest levels of infant mortality rates.

In the U.S., raising a child can be a burden for some. A typical child delivery typically costs more than $10,000 and for those who have to have a cesarean section, that may increase their costs by more than $5000. According to a recent report, the average cost of childbirth in Louisiana is between $10,318 and $13,943. Sadly, for those who don’t have medical insurance, those expenses could double, even triple for some families.

Children deserve to have a healthy upbringing

A scarcity of health care professionals in the state can mean families are at high risk of medical negligence. If that’s the case, Louisiana families will want the help of an experienced legal professional.