Reasons to hire an attorney after a birth injury

You waited nine long months for your baby's birth, and you expected it to be a time of joy and blessings. Instead, something went wrong. Your hopes have been destroyed, and your child's future is uncertain.

But is anybody really to blame for your baby's injuries? You've got a bond with your doctor, and you've been told that a birth injury is just "something that happens." You trust your doctor -- but something feels off.

Here are some of the times you're smart to question what you're being told:

All the signs pointed to earlier fetal distress

If the monitors on you and your baby indicated that there might be a problem, you should have been able to count on the medical team assisting the birth to respond quickly to the situation. When their reaction was unreasonably delayed, that's a signal that mistakes were made.

The doctor mishandled the tools used during delivery

Did the doctor pick up a vacuum extractor or forceps to pull the baby forward from the birth canal? Mishandling those tools can cause severe disfigurement or even brain injuries. Sometimes, parents find out later that it was never even necessary to assist in the birth, that the doctor was merely in a hurry to be done.

A cesarean was ultimately performed

Most of the time, a cesarean (c-section) birth isn't really necessary. However, if the baby is in the wrong position, relatively large in size or there are other complications, it's wiser to have the c-section early. A delay could lead to oxygen deprivation and severe neurological problems or brain damage.

It's estimated that five out of every 1,000 babies born in this country will suffer a birth injury, but it generally takes an investigation to know for sure whether or not negligence has occurred. If you don't feel certain that your doctor is being honest about your child's injury, our office will help you learn more. Contact us directly for an appointment or continue to explore our site for additional information.

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