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Louisiana intersections are high-risk areas for collisions

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2019 | Car Accidents

As you travel Louisiana roadways, you’ll likely have to navigate an intersection at some point. In fact, it’s difficult to avoid crossing through intersections as you make your way through your normal daily route. Since you travel them on a routine basis, you are probably already aware that intersections are among the most dangerous places on the road.

You might approach a four-way stop with vehicles opposite and adjacent to your position on the road. The intersection might be secure with stop signs or traffic lights. If you’re in a rural area, a crossroads might be completely unmarked, thus increasing the danger even more. If you suffer injury in an intersection collision that another person’s negligence caused, you should not have to stress over medical bills and other expenses related to the situation. Always know where to seek support in the aftermath of an accident.

Be prepared for the unexpected

Those who approach intersections on high alert and look for potential trouble are more likely to make it through without incident. It’s also a good idea to pay close attention as to whether there are nearby pedestrians at an intersection, as well. Expecting a problem and not having one is better than being careless and winding up in a serious collision.

Slow down, even if the light is green

As you travel nearer to an intersection, you might notice that the traffic light ahead for your direction is green. That doesn’t mean you should continue into the crossroads at full speed. It is far safer to slow down and make sure that it is safe in all directions before entering the intersection. Doing so might help avoid a crash if a car coming from a side position runs a red light and crosses your path.

If you’re unsure about right of way, it’s best to yield

Determining whether it is safe to proceed can be tricky at an intersection. There are right-of-way rules, but in many situations, it’s a matter of safely taking turns. Therefore, it’s always safest to yield the right-of-way if you’re not sure whose turn it is to go.

Careful on the turns

Making a turn at an intersection should be done with extreme caution. It is best to slow down to five miles per hour until you have safely completed your turn. Doing so helps improve reaction time and allows you space for stopping, if need be. Be on the lookout for cars that are not slowing down as they turn left or right through an intersection. It is a recipe for disaster.

If someone hits you

Should an intersection collision occur that causes you injury, the responding police officer will likely have a lot of questions as to events that occurred moments before the crash. It is helpful to remember all you can in as much detail as possible. Louisiana accident victims who believe others’ negligence caused their injuries can seek full recovery for their losses in court.