5 terrible driving habits everyone needs to avoid

Nobody's a perfect driver, but some drivers make a lot more mistakes than others. Whether you've been driving for a long time or only a little while, it's important to occasionally review your driving habits to make sure that you aren't picking up some that could make you more likely to end up in an accident.

What are some of the worst driving habits a driver can have? Consider these:

1. Using your phone while in motion

You know that texting and driving is a bad idea. However, you should actually avoid using your phone altogether when you're behind the wheel. Whether you're just making a call or trying to use the GPS, phones are a serious form of distraction for drivers.

2. Violating the speed limit

Driving faster than the posted speed limit is one of the main reasons that accidents happen. It can be dangerous even if you're the only car on the road. Taking a curve too fast, for example, can cause you to wind up in a ditch. It's far better to give yourself a little extra time and slow down.

3. Skipping the turn signal

Whether you're making an actual turn or just changing lanes, get in the habit of faithfully using your turn signal. Turn signals are an important part of traffic control and help other drivers anticipate your next move.

4. Forgetting your blind spot

Do you ever start changing lanes without checking your blind spot first? If so, you aren't alone. A lot of drivers instinctively start to slide over during a lane change without double-checking their blind spots to make sure another vehicle hasn't moved up on them. That's a recipe for an eventual disaster, so try to break that habit quickly.

5. Running stoplights

If you find yourself accelerating to get through a light that's about to turn red, it's time to reexamine your driving habits. You can end up in a serious accident if a driver jumps the green light just a little.

Ridding yourself of these bad driving habits won't guarantee you will be accident-free, but it will help reduce the possibility that you'll cause one. If you fall victim to someone else's bad driving habits, an attorney can help you decide what you should do next.

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