Practicing safe cycling procedures could help prevent a disaster

Traffic is an ever-present sight on many roads in Louisiana, and encountering a congestion in traffic can delay your plans for the day. Like many others, you may seek to avoid traffic and cut down on fuel costs by choosing an alternative form of travel, such as riding your bicycle from place to place.

There may be a variety of benefits to choosing a bike over a car, and a similar form of travel can double as a means of exercise. However, with less to protect you in the event of a collision, a similar decision could come with an inherent level of risk.

Protecting your well-being as a cyclist

Chances are, you probably place a great deal of importance on your well-being, and you might be wondering about how you increase your safety as a cyclist. While you cannot control the actions of other drivers, there may be certain steps you can take to protect yourself, some of which may include:

  • Wear safety gear: Since bicycles might not have the same protective barriers that other vehicles provide. Wearing the necessary safety gear, such as a helmet, could prove vital to protecting your well-being.
  • Remain alert: Since you cannot control the actions of others, remaining vigilant is essential, and a similar decision could help you spot a potential hazard to your health in time to avoid it.
  • Understand the risks: One way to reduce the odds of a collision is to understand the risks you may face out on the road. Knowing the most common causes of bicycle accidents could help you prepare for a variety of riding scenarios.
  • Defensive riding: Simply expecting a vehicle to stop and head the right of way is never advisable, and by riding defensively, you could prevent a potential catastrophe.

Experience can also go a long way in keeping you safe, and sticking to scenarios you are comfortable with is advisable. Unfortunately, even if you adhere to traffic laws and safe riding procedures strictly, the negligent actions of another driver could still create a dangerous situation.

When negligence strikes

Bicycle-related collisions can be exceedingly dangerous, and if another driver hits you while on your bike, you could suffer serious injuries in the process. Following your accident, you may wish to exercise your right to pursue restitution, but the civil justice system can be complex. You could choose to obtain guidance from someone with experience in the area, and in doing so, you may become better prepared to pursue the compensation you deserve through a personal injury claim against the party deemed at fault.

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