Receive the wrong diagnosis or treatment?

When you are sick and you feel that something is wrong, you go to the doctor for help. It may be nothing minor, but it is worth checking out just in case. What happens, though, if that thing they said was minor actually turned out to be something big? The misdiagnosis and lack of appropriate treatment has since caused you more grief and pain than it should have. What can you do?

While a lot of doctors get it right, in Louisiana and elsewhere, misdiagnosis happens, which leads to lack of treatment or erroneous treatments ordered. Patients then suffer unnecessarily because of it. If this has happened to you or a loved one, you may have legal recourse.

How does misdiagnosis happen?

Failure to diagnose and a misdiagnosis often result from the failure to fully investigate. The problem with a lot of illnesses is that many of them have the same symptoms. If a patient is not showing certain signs of something serious, doctors may write it off as nothing major and stop looking, or label the problem something that it actually is not. Does this mean medical malpractice occurred? Not always.

Received the wrong treatment

If a person receives the wrong diagnosis, this can result in him or her receiving the wrong treatment or no treatment at all. Of course, erroneous treatments sometimes occur even if an illness is properly diagnosed -- all because the physician may have wanted to try an unconventional approach.

Patients who receive no treatment or erroneous treatments may endure a number of physical, emotional and financial consequences. In worst-case scenarios, some patients may even die as a result of their treatment plans. Here again, does this mean medical malpractice is to blame? Maybe, maybe not.

The complex world of medical malpractice

Yes, there are doctors who should not be in their fields and who should not have licenses. They knowingly make decisions that harm their patients. These cases certainly call for medical malpractice claims. There are others, though, who do everything right, but still make diagnosing and treatment errors. These cases are more of a gray area and require a lot of digging in order to determine if medical negligence contributed to the error.

Medical malpractice claims are complex. They take time to investigate and often require various professional opinions on the matter to determine if any wrongdoing actually occurred. If there is suspicion of any level of negligence in your case and civil actions are appropriate, you and your legal team can take the steps to fight for compensation either in court or through out-of-court negotiations.

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