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March 2018 Archives

Various types of medical malpractice in Louisiana

Medical malpractice is a very serious occurrence in not only the state of Louisiana but throughout the country. This is an incident that has become all too common for patients of all ages and backgrounds. Too many doctors are making mistakes either in diagnosis, surgery or treatment of patients who have various medical issues. Today, we will take a look at the various types of medical malpractice instances.

Receive the wrong diagnosis or treatment?

When you are sick and you feel that something is wrong, you go to the doctor for help. It may be nothing minor, but it is worth checking out just in case. What happens, though, if that thing they said was minor actually turned out to be something big? The misdiagnosis and lack of appropriate treatment has since caused you more grief and pain than it should have. What can you do?

Excessive use of force lawsuits against the police

There's been a lot of news over the last few years suggesting that police officers often use too much force when dealing with the public. The result has spurred on movements like "Black Lives Matter," led to officers being put on trial for murder and evolved into numerous excessive use of force lawsuits.