How do you drive safely in fog?

Driving school doesn't really prepare you for everything. And, even if you're a seasoned driver, you can easily forget how to handle something if you don't regularly face a specific problem -- which may partially be why fog is one of the most dangerous driving conditions out there.

Fog isn't a usual event, but it tends to take place more often in the fall than in other seasons, so it's very much a seasonal issue. Here are some reminders about how to handle yourself (and your car) when the road is foggy:

  1. Drive slower. You don't want to take the risk of driving at the posted speed limit or faster because you cannot see far enough ahead to react in time to anything in your path.
  2. Reduce distractions. Put your cellphone on mute and put it down while you're driving, turn off the radio and put the GPS on voice-mode only so that you aren't even tempted to look. Don't try to eat, fish around the seat for anything or engage in other distracting behaviors while caught in a fog.
  3. Adjust your lights. Your bright lights won't help you in fog. They'll actually just reflect off the moisture in the air and the refraction from the water droplets will make it harder to see. Put you low-beam lights on so that you can see more easily and other drivers can see you -- even if it is technically daylight outside.
  4. Stay back from other vehicles. Remember, other drivers may be hesitant and a little scared, so the traffic may be moving slower than normal. Keep your distance and don't tailgate -- it won't help the situation or make the other driver go faster. Instead, you may make the other driver more nervous and prone to an accident.

If the fog becomes so heavy that you literally can't see more than a foot or two ahead of you, it's time to pull over and listen to the radio for a while. As the sun gets higher, the heat and light will cause the fog to dissipate -- and you can be safely on your way.

Anyone who is injured in a motor vehicle accident due to fog may be able to seek compensation for medical expenses, lost wages and more.

Source:, "Fog," accessed Oct. 20, 2017

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