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September 2016 Archives

Driver gives inconsistent statements after fatal car accident

People often panic in the aftermath of crashes for which they could be held responsible. The statements given to police at that time of the car accident could change during subsequent questioning. This may cause police here in Louisiana and elsewhere to re-evaluate the circumstances surrounding the incident in order to determine the truth.

Young boating accident victim dies, charges not yet filed

As summer winds down, many people are getting out to enjoy Louisiana's waterways. Some people forget that driving a boat requires the same attention and diligence as driving a car, which can lead to a serious collision. An accident victim can be left with debilitating injuries or even die when the operator of a boat makes a mistake.

Driver sentenced in road rage car accident that killed 5

Many Louisiana drivers can understand why an individual would succumb to road rage. However, it creates a dangerous situation in which people can be seriously injured or killed. A car accident that results from this reckless and irresponsible behavior could forever alter the lives of those involved and their families.

1 dead, 1 injured in motorcycle accident on I-20

The moments following an incident on any roadway are perhaps the most dangerous. Before emergency responders arrive and make other motorists aware of the situation, the potential for serious injuries or fatalities exists. For instance, a minor motorcycle accident on Interstate 20 on a recent Saturday night ended with a Louisiana man dead and a woman critically injured.