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Which kind of damages can victims of serious accidents seek?

| Aug 23, 2016 | Car Accidents

It could take weeks or months to recover from injuries suffered at the hands of another — if a full recovery is even possible. The lives of victims of serious accidents often change in many ways. There are multitudes of damages that can be sought when filing a personal injury claim in a Louisiana civil court.

Most people have heard of seeking restitution for current and future medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. However, there are more types of damages permitted in personal injury claims, depending on the circumstances. For instance, the emotional and mental issues that accompany being disfigured could fall under a claim of mental anguish. 

Other victims might not be able to enjoy activities in which they participated prior to the accident. This loss of enjoyment of life could be awarded as damages in a successfully litigated claim. In addition to lost wages, permanent disabilities can prevent an individual from returning to the work he or she did before an accident. The financial ramifications could be significant, so the individual can seek damages based on a loss of earning capacity. An individual’s spouse can seek other types of damages, such as loss of consortium depending on the situation.

Those who are injured in serious accidents might be wondering where to turn as they try to focus on their recoveries and are overwhelmed by the financial implications of their injuries. Louisiana residents who are in this position might benefit from speaking to attorneys who can help them understand their rights and responsibilities. If negligence is successfully proved, it will then be necessary to prove the damages sought. Therefore, before a personal injury claim is filed, potential damages should be explored to determine if they are appropriate.

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