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9-year-old dies in car accident on Louisiana 75, others injured

| Jul 5, 2016 | Car Accidents

The rules of the road are not merely guidelines that drivers can follow when it is convenient. Traffic laws are designed in order to help ensure the safety of motorists and their passengers. When Louisiana drivers fail to follow the rules, the result can be a serious or deadly car accident.

A Louisiana driver faces charges for attempting to pass in a no-passing zone along with charges for negligent homicide, driving with a suspended license and for violating laws regarding the restraint and safety of children. The 27-year-old driver was southbound on Louisiana Highway 75 with eight passengers – seven children and one adult. Another vehicle was in front hers, and it slowed or stopped to make a left turn.

The accused driver attempted to pass the turning vehicle on the left and slammed into the driver’s side of the other vehicle. The impact caused her vehicle to overturn. As it flipped, a 9-year-old was ejected and killed.

The other occupants of the vehicle, which included the driver, suffered injuries that ranged between moderate and severe. No information was available regarding their conditions other than to say that the driver will be charged after she is released from the hospital. No one in the other vehicle was injured.

Officials would not reveal the relationships between the children and the two adults in the vehicle, including the dead boy. However, in addition to the criminal charges the driver faces, she could face civil actions filed in a Louisiana court by the parents of the other children and/or the adult passenger. If the evidence presented to the court establishes that the injuries — and the death of the boy — were the result of her negligence, damages could be awarded to offset the financial losses sustained because of the car accident.

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