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July 2016 Archives

Injuries in motorcycle accidents can be debilitating or fatal

The fact is that accidents are unpredictable. As such, there is no way to know what harm will come to any Louisiana residents involved. However, the injuries in car vs. motorcycle accidents tend to be more debilitating or fatal for the motorcycle rider than for those in passenger vehicles.

Distracted driving appears to be behind increased car crashes

The National Safety Council reported that there was an eight percent increase in roadway fatalities in 2015 from the year before across the country -- including here in Louisiana. That type of increase has not been seen in approximately 50 years. Many sources are concluding that distracted driving appears to be behind this increase in deadly car crashes.

Reports say accident victim died in boat driver's arms

The number of boating accidents often rises during the summer months when more people are on Louisiana's waterways. An accident victim can suffer injuries that range from minor to fatal depending on the circumstances. Just as is the case in car crashes, there is no way to predict what will happen when two boats collide.

9-year-old dies in car accident on Louisiana 75, others injured

The rules of the road are not merely guidelines that drivers can follow when it is convenient. Traffic laws are designed in order to help ensure the safety of motorists and their passengers. When Louisiana drivers fail to follow the rules, the result can be a serious or deadly car accident.