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Driver faces a litany of charges after car accident death

Louisiana drivers know how annoying it is when they miss a turn or realize they are heading in the wrong direction. It can be tempting to turn around as soon as possible, even if it would be illegal to make a U-turn at that particular spot. However, doing so could cause end up causing a crash. A driver's disregard for traffic laws and signage could result in a car accident death

A dump truck driver is facing a litany of charges after attempting to make an illegal U-turn. Unfortunately, he misjudged the clearance needed to make the turn. As he put the truck in reverse, he began backing up the vehicle into the lane of travel.

At the same time, an SUV was heading toward the dump truck. The SUV driver said that he did not see any taillights or headlights, and the SUV to hit the back of the truck. The 30-year-old woman in the passenger seat of the SUV suffered fatal injuries at the scene. The 52-year-old man driving the SUV was severely injured and was transported to a hospital in the area. His current condition is not known.

In addition to the criminal charges he faces in connection with this car accident death and injury, the truck driver could face civil cases from the family of the deceased passenger and the surviving driver. Establishing that the truck driver's actions were negligent and led to the injuries suffered by the driver and the death of the passenger could result in a Louisiana court awarding damages. Any restitution received could help with the financial burdens brought on by sudden injuries and/or deaths.

Source:, "Truck driver booked for negligent homicide in fatal Airline Highway wreck", Ben Myers, April 28, 2016

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