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Failure to pay attention leads to serious accidents

One of the most important responsibilities of any driver is to avoid obstacles, such as other vehicles in the roadway. When a driver fails to do so, serious accidents can follow. In fact, a large number accidents that occur here in Louisiana and across the country are caused by drivers who are not paying attention to their surroundings or are impaired.

How trucking companies contribute to 18-wheeler accidents

It might not seem that driving a tractor trailer would be a stressful and exhausting occupation, but anyone who has ever taken a cross-country trip knows otherwise. Drivers need to take frequent breaks and make sure they get adequate sleep in order to maintain their concentration and keep their reflexes sharp as they maneuver their large and heavy vehicles through traffic on the highways and streets of Louisiana and elsewhere. However, trucking companies are in the business of making money, and their actions can contribute to 18-wheeler accidents.

Can the negligence of government agencies lead to deaths?

State, county and city government agencies are all responsible for maintaining public roadways and waterways of Louisiana. If hazards are not adequately addressed when those agencies should have known or should have been on the lookout for them, the lives of the state's residents and visitors could be in danger. A woman claims that the negligence of four government agencies led to the death of her father and stepmother.

Distracted driving resulted in deadly car accident

Any number of things can take a driver's attention off Louisiana's roadways. Even the most diligent drivers can sometimes take their eyes off the road just long enough for the traffic pattern to change, an obstacle to appear or to lose control of the vehicle. When this happens, the results can be catastrophic, and the car accident that results has the potential to be deadly.

Boating accident: Passenger suffers serious injury, driver dies

It might only be the beginning of March, but that does not mean that Louisiana residents are not enjoying getting in their boats and out on the water. Like any other vehicle, however, it is important for a boat's driver to pay attention and watch for obstacles. Otherwise, an accident can lead to serious injury for those involved.

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