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February 2016 Archives

Injuries suffered in rear end collisions can be life altering

Being hit from behind while driving can cause injuries that vary from minor to fatal. As many Louisiana residents who have been injured in such accidents can attest, even seemingly minor rear end collisions can result in debilitating injuries. The severity of an injury might not be evident until days after the crash, but, in other cases, the damage is seen right away.

Drunk driving suspected in death of woman

People who get behind the wheel of a car after drinking cause some of the most preventable accidents on Louisiana roadways. Their behavior indicates that they have little regard for the lives of others. Perhaps that is why a man suspected of drunk driving failed to stop after striking a woman during Mardi Gras.

Speed and impairment suspected in fatal car accident

Nearly every motorist in Louisiana drives above the posted speed limit occasionally, but most people will not drive at excessive speeds, which can make a vehicle harder to control. A vehicle can be difficult enough to control at high speeds, but when impairment is added to the mix, the results can be catastrophic. It is this combination of factors that officials believe led to the death of a passenger in a car accident that recently occurred on LA 30.

Car accident kills man whose car broke down on highway

Most people make sure that their vehicles are properly maintained and have sufficient fuel. However, that does not always prevent their vehicles from breaking down. Whenever a vehicle breaks down on the side of the highway, the risk of a car accident increases. Recently, the Louisiana State Police took the opportunity to remind and caution drivers to move into the left hand lane on multi-lane roadways to give a stranded motorist extra room.