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December 2015 Archives

Serious burns and other motorcycle injuries can be life-altering

Not all motorcycle accidents are fatal, but riders often suffer a variety of injuries that can be life-altering even if they survive. Head injuries, burns and other motorcycle injuries can alter the way you live for the rest of your life. If it is believed that another party or parties were at fault for the crash in which you suffered serious injuries, a personal injury claim filed in a Louisiana civil court might be appropriate.

Impairment suspected in deadly car accident

When a Louisiana driver gets behind the wheel after drinking, the outcome can be deadly. Being impaired causes drivers to make mistakes that put the lives of everyone in or near the road in danger. Any car accident that occurs involving a drunk driver has the potential to be catastrophic.

Speed is often a factor in car accident deaths

Nearly Louisiana driver exceeds the posted speed limit at least occasionally. What many people forget is that controlling a vehicle at higher speeds is more difficult, which can lead to a serious car accident. In the case of a recent crash, both speeding and darkness appear to have been factors in the accident.

3 family members killed in car accident on I-10

During the holiday season, family members who do not ordinarily see each other on a regular basis have a chance to do so. For instance, the recent Thanksgiving holiday was a chance for many Louisiana residents to get together with family they may not have seen for some time. Traveling the highways and interstates over the holiday weekend could be dangerous as is illustrated by a car accident that took the lives of three members of one family on the Saturday following Thanksgiving.