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Driver flees from fatal truck vs. automobile accident on I-10

| Nov 8, 2015 | Car Accidents

Louisiana State Police Troop L is asking for anyone with information regarding a recent crash in the westbound lanes of Interstate 10 to come forward. Apparently, a pickup truck fled the scene of the truck versus automobile accident. The only description troopers were able to offer initially is that the pickup is dark in color. 

Preliminary reports indicate that two 18-wheelers were traveling side-by-side on a stretch of the roadway. The driver of a dark pickup truck attempted to pass the big rigs on the shoulder. As the driver tried to get his vehicle back into the left lane of I-10, it struck the left front of one of the semis.

The impact shoved that rig into the other 18-wheeler in the next lane. The second impact caused the second truck to careen through the guardrail. It came to rest in the river. By the time emergency personnel reached the 26-year-old driver, he was dead. No report was provided regarding the condition of the other truck driver.

Even though the family of the deceased truck driver may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits in connection with this tragic truck vs. automobile accident, that does not bar them from filing a civil action in a Louisiana court against the pickup truck driver once he or she is found. The same is true of the other truck driver, depending on the severity of his injuries. If the evidence presented to a civil court establishes negligence on the part of the pickup truck driver, an award of damages may be entered.

Source: wwltv.com, ” Pickup that tried to pass 18-wheelers on shoulder causes fatal accident”, Nov. 4, 2015