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Fatal car accident takes the life of 1, injures 5

| Sep 10, 2015 | Car Accidents

Most Louisiana drivers have ended up behind a slower moving vehicle on a two-lane road. It is possible to pass these vehicles when there is a dotted line in the road, but passing is prohibited when the line in the road is a double, solid yellow. This means that passing in those areas is dangerous and should not be attempted. However, some drivers disregard this warning and attempt to pass anyway. This can lead to a car accident resulting in serious or fatal injuries.

The driver of a southbound van on Highway 21 attempted to pass a slower vehicle across a double yellow line. An SUV was already in the northbound lane at the time. The 60-year-old driver of the SUV attempted to use the shoulder to avoid a collision, but the vehicles still crashed head on despite her effort.

The passenger in the front seat of the SUV suffered fatal injuries in the impact. The driver and three children in the SUV were moderately injured. The driver of the van suffered severe injuries and was at last report considered to be in critical condition. The Louisiana State Police, which is investigating the accident, does not believe that either driver was impaired, but toxicology samples were taken for analysis as part of the investigation.

The family of the deceased passenger, the injured driver and the family or families of the three children may file wrongful death and/or personal injury claims against the driver of the van. Using appropriate evidence to establish his negligence could lead the court to consider an award of damages typically seen in fatal car accident cases. Monetary restitution could relieve some of the financial stress that often accompanies tragedies such as this one.

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