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What caused woman to black out and cause a deadly car accident?

By their very nature, Louisiana accidents are unpredictable. Innocent people can go about their lives without any idea that they are going to become the victim of a car accident. For example, a man who was standing outside talking to another person had no way of knowing that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time -- and it cost him his life.

Was trucker negligence the cause of 7-car pileup?

Most drivers expect congestion on Louisiana highways. They remain vigilant in order to adjust to the traffic patterns ahead of them. Unfortunately, not everyone pays close enough attention to the road to slow or stop when required. That kind of negligence can lead to disastrous results. In fact, trucker negligence is believed to have caused a recent pileup on Louisiana Highway 3132.

Family faces the unexpected loss of a loved one in crash

Far too many Louisiana families understand the heartbreak that comes with hearing that a loved one died in a car accident. The unexpected loss of a loved one is often devastating. This is especially true if that loss came due to the wrongful acts of another person.

Fatal car accident takes the life of 1, injures 5

Most Louisiana drivers have ended up behind a slower moving vehicle on a two-lane road. It is possible to pass these vehicles when there is a dotted line in the road, but passing is prohibited when the line in the road is a double, solid yellow. This means that passing in those areas is dangerous and should not be attempted. However, some drivers disregard this warning and attempt to pass anyway. This can lead to a car accident resulting in serious or fatal injuries.

Rear end collisions are often caused by distracted drivers

You could be stopped at a red light, a stop sign or caught in traffic that is at a standstill on a Louisiana highway. You paid attention to the fact that you were required to stop. However, if the driver behind you fails to do the same, the vehicle could crash into the back of yours. In fact, often times, rear end collisions are caused by distracted drivers.

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