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Woman sues over car accident in school's student pickup line

Kids are back to school and parents are back in line to drop them off and pick them up. In addition to the parents' cars, there are school buses with which to contend. Any Baton Rouge parent who sits in these lines knows that space can be at a premium. It may not seem like a car accident that occurs under these conditions could result in serious injury, but that is not always the case.

Motorcyclist suffers fatal wounds on Louisiana Highway 33

When an accident occurs, there is often no way to gauge where the vehicles involved will come to rest. Depending on the traffic pattern in the area, other vehicles could become embroiled in the aftermath of the initial impact. By the time all of the vehicles stop moving, the occupants could suffer serious or even fatal wounds.

Impairment not suspected in car accident death

Regardless of whether impairment is suspected in a fatal crash, toxicology samples are taken from each driver as a matter of routine. Such testing is required in order to conclusively rule out the possibility of impairment being involved in a car accident death. The results could affect what charges, if any, are filed against the driver believed to be at fault in an accident on one of Louisiana's roadways.

2 killed, 2 injuried in car accident on Louisiana Hwy 23

Passenger cars provide some protection to their occupants in the event of a crash, but the laws of physics cannot be ignored. Two objects cannot occupy the same space at the same time, and when those two objects are traveling at highway speeds, any impact can be devastating. This might be especially true in a car accident in which the vehicles were originally heading in opposite directions.

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