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April 2015 Archives

Car accident death reported by local Louisiana police department

It might be difficult to get through a day without reading a story about a car crash somewhere in Louisiana. One news story might report a vehicle accident with relatively few injuries while another story focuses on a car accident death. Recently, one local Louisiana police department had the sad duty of reporting a single-car accident in which one person died.

Following too closely can cause 18-wheeler accidents

It can be difficult enough for passenger vehicles to come to a sudden stop at highway speeds when the traffic ahead has significantly slowed or come to a stop. Tractor-trailers require even larger distances to come to a stop than passenger vehicles, and many Louisiana drivers would say that there is no such thing as a sudden stop for one of these behemoths with which they must share the highways. Truck drivers who follow the traffic in front of them too closely may be unable to stop if needed, which causes numerous 18-wheeler accidents.

Car crashes in police chases plague Louisiana Parishes

Louisiana parishes seem to be plagued by lawsuits resulting from police chases. Car crashes are a real possibility during police pursuits, and depending on the circumstances, those accidents can be serious and even deadly. Some people believe that the many pursuits are reckless and unwarranted.