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March 2015 Archives

Car accident death believed to be caused by drunk driving

Under the best of circumstances, a Louisiana driver may not see a bicyclist, which could result in an accident. When that driver has been drinking, the probability of him or her paying enough attention to see a bicycle rider decreases exponentially. Due to the inherent vulnerability of that rider, a car accident death is a real possibility.

Woman dies in accident in which drunk driving is suspected

Every day across the country, an accident happens that involves a driver who is impaired. Some of those drunk driving accidents end up with at least one party seriously or fatally injured. Law enforcement officials here in Louisiana and across the country agree that these are some of the most preventable accidents.

Louisiana woman blames the state, others for car accident

Winter weather brings treacherous driving conditions in its wake. Cities, counties and the state of Louisiana are responsible for ensuring that the public roadways are safe for travel. A woman who was recently involved in a car accident during inclement weather says that the roadway she was traveling was not properly cleared, which led to her injuries.

Wrongful death claim alleges police let impaired driver go twice

On April 20, 2014, a man left a Louisiana casino at approximately 7:38 a.m. Supposedly, the man was under the influence of several drugs, including methadone, cocaine and amphetamines, at the time and was involved in three accidents -- one of them fatal. The wrongful death claim filed by the deceased victim's family against the city where the accidents occurred alleges that local police let the man go because he had some sort of relationship with the department.

Woman's sudden death leaves toddler without a mother

A Louisiana woman's 3-year-old son may not yet understand that his mom will never be coming home again, but that does not mean that he cannot feel her loss. Her sudden death in a car accident recently has left him without a mother. Now, the boy's grandmother is struggling to focus on caring for him as she grieves the loss of her eldest child.