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Car accident on Louisiana 2 sends one to hospital, kills another

| Feb 17, 2015 | Car Accidents

It seems as though many of the crashes that occur in the state are due to one vehicle crossing over the center line and hitting an oncoming vehicle. These collisions often result in the occupants of the vehicles suffering serious or deadly injuries. The authorities say this was the result in one car accident that recently occurred on Louisiana 2.

Louisiana State Police were called to the scene of the accident at approximately 7:58 a.m. When they arrived, they found the wreckage of two vehicles. Preliminary reports, based on information gathered by troopers at the scene, determined that an 80-year-old woman was traveling east on Louisiana 2. At the same time, a vehicle driven by a 59-year-old woman was coming toward her from the opposite direction.

For a reason not yet revealed, the vehicle driven by the older woman veered into the path of the younger woman’s car. When the two vehicles collided, the driver of the westbound vehicle suffered fatal injuries to which she succumbed at the scene. The older driver survived the crash and was taken to a hospital in the area. At last report, she was listed as being in serious condition.

It is not clear whether authorities are contemplating filing charges against the surviving driver. While the family of the deceased driver awaits that determination, family members may file a wrongful death claim in connection with the loss of their loved one in this car accident. Damages may be awarded to the family if the court determines from the evidence presented that the other driver’s actions were negligent in such a way as to cause or materially contribute to the fatal accident.

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