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Motorcyclists face broken limbs, road rash and fatal wounds

| Jan 26, 2015 | Motorcycle Accidents

The injuries suffered by motorcycle riders in Louisiana are normally more serious than those suffered by individuals riding in vehicles. The unique vulnerability experienced by bikers leaves them open to debilitating injuries that often have permanent repercussions from broken limbs, road rash and other injuries. In many cases, fatal wounds are the tragic result.

Drivers that fail to pay appropriate attention to their surroundings while behind the wheel cause a significant number of motorcycle accidents. Drivers pull out in front of motorcycles, make turns into their paths and otherwise fail to properly cede motorcycles the right-of-way. These negligent actions often lead to accidents that could be potentially fatal to riders.

Even though it is true that bikers assume a certain level of risk by riding a motorcycle, other vehicle drivers are not absolved from their responsibilities. Many drivers claim they simply did not see the motorcycle, but that is not a valid excuse for hitting one. If a rider survives a crash, he or she could easily be facing a significant recovery period and is often left with permanent injuries from the incident.

Surviving Louisiana motorcycle riders may file personal injury claims against the party or parties deemed responsible for their injuries. Any award received by the rider after proving the negligence of another caused or contributed to his or her injuries could help with current and future medical expenses, along with other damages sustained as a result of broken limbs or other injuries. If a motorcycle rider dies in an accident, the surviving family of the rider may file a wrongful death claim seeking damages specific to that type of legal proceeding.