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Motorcycle rider suffers fatal wounds in I-10 crash

One of the most dangerous times for any Louisiana driver involves merging onto a highway. The merging vehicle needs to increase speed to match the traffic already on the highway and watch for obstacles and a space to enter at the same time. All of that occurs in a matter of seconds, and any mistake could lead to a crash involving serious or fatal wounds.

A recent crash on Interstate 10 illustrated this fact in the worst possible way. A motorcycle rider was heading east on the roadway shortly before 11:48 a.m. As he approached an on-ramp, a car merged onto the highway. Unfortunately, the driver of the vehicle apparently failed to be sure that there was enough space for him to safely enter the interstate.

The motorcycle rider collided with the back of the vehicle. The 52-year-old man suffered severe injuries and did not survive. Authorities pronounced him dead at the site of the collision. The 68-year-old man driving the car that pulled into the motorcycle’s path passed a breath test, so it is believed he was not impaired at the time of the crash. Nevertheless, the investigation is not yet complete.

Once a final report of the crash is completed, prosecutors in Jefferson Parish will determine whether charges should be filed. Meanwhile, the motorcycle rider’s family retains the right to file a wrongful death claim seeking damages for the fatal wounds suffered by their loved one. If it is established by appropriate evidence that the driver of the car caused or contributed to the death of their family member, a Louisiana court may award the family monetary restitution, which may cover the financial losses the sustained as a result of the accident.

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